Галерея :: Porcelain eggs


History-money The egg - "money" Decorative egg "Zanachka", 2004 "Celtic" decorative egg, 2004 Landscape, 2002 Decorative egg "Grain", 2004 Decorative egg "Pletenochka", 2004 Composition of 14 porcelain eggs, 2004. Composition of 8 porcelain eggs, 2004. Exhibition in Forbes Magazine Gallery, 1997. Composition of Porcelain eggs, 1997 The Easter Egg with the icon of St. Nicolas, 1998 Decorative Egg, 1999 Metaphisical Space 2000 The egg with icon Ouar Ledy of Pskov The easter egg with the icon of Our Lady of Korsun Decorative egg, 2003 The Emperial easter eggs, 2003 St.George easter egg, 2003 The easter egg with the icon of St. Marc, 2003 Tors Necklaces Saint-Petersburg landscape, 2002 Countryside landscape, 2003 Saint-Petersburg, Mariinsaya square, 2003 Landscape "Russian Nord", 2003 Glasnost 1990


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